What I Achieved Today

If you are also expecting your first born, you will more than likely have been bombarded with the well-intentioned advice of so many other experienced mothers.

Not only have I learnt so much from these ladies, I have also started to worry about things I had never considered before (I am yet to decide whether this is a good or bad thing). I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and still have a million and one things to sort out before the baby arrives. We are due to move house in May (2 months after the baby is due) so I have not embarked upon the exciting task of planning and decorating a nursery. As a result, it still doesn’t feel very real that I am due to become a mother in about 7 weeks time! I really need to get that hospital bag packed…

One thing I have vowed to myself though is to make sure I feel as though I have achieved something everyday. So many people have mentioned how essential it is to get out everyday once the baby is born as you will slowly go insane otherwise! I don’t doubt this for a moment and want to commit to this mantra now.

Therefore, I will I ask myself everyday, “What have I achieved today?”. In order to stay on track, I will keep a to-do list for each day and commit to completing most things on it. This may sound highly unrealistic after the baby arrives but let’s not forget, the goal for the day can be as simple or impressive as I choose. I’m sure there will be days where the goal is to get washed and dressed and bother with my make-up!

Today my goal was to set up a blog, walk the dogs and sort through all the paperwork in the house. I set up the blog so I think that will do for today 🙂

See you tomorrow for more to-do list updates!


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